New MMCC Map Images…

4 06 2009


MMCC Trail (Harrison,MI)

MMCC Trail (Harrison,MI)

These are from the GPS data retrieved from last nights amazing group ride.  If you haven’t already participated in the Wednesday night group ride…you should!  It departs at 6pm  sharp! Historically, it has taken place at Burns Rd, but lately at MMCC.  We will try to keep you properly informed.  The images are from the Garmin 405 and it’s new collaboration with Google Earth.  It’s a great and easy method for making maps!  Enjoy.

MMCC Trail (Harrison, MI)

MMCC Trail (Harrison, MI)




3 responses

8 06 2009

That is flippin’ sweet.

11 06 2009

Thanks Justin…I just started using this device on the bike. It really works great for making quick maps. The last two rides, I have forgotten to turn of the GPS tracking at the end of my ride and I end up logging the drive home. I haven’t figured out how to edit the extra miles, but I like how it helps boost my average speed!


20 06 2009

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